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  1. Good on you Tania!!! You have always been a great cook!!! Will have to come and get some photos of you for our website. Michelle

    • Hi Michelle! It is highly unfortunate that my food is far, far more photogenic than I am, lol. I love looking at your photographs on Vandi’s facebook page ….especially the Tui’s, just beautiful 🙂

  2. Hi tania
    Love that u are posting up these receipes. Im going to try out the brownies this evening.
    Love the website

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting! You will no doubt recognise a few from all those years ago and I haven’t even started on my favs (the muffins) yet. I hope you are all well and happy in Ireland 🙂

  3. so very cool and professional dear Taan….I just done some PR work for your blog, ha,ha…you deserve many Likes !
    Keep it going!
    from crazy Dutchie Anita

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